In past lives,
we were called out for speaking our mind,
tortured for being strong willed,
deemed a criminal for being literate,
sacrificed for being pure,
treated like property for being beautiful,
pitted against each other for being strong,
excommunicated for communing with God,
called a heathen for communing with nature,
called lazy or flaky for wanting peace,
shot for desertion for running from war,
put into slavery for the color of our skin,
demoralized for whom we loved,
preached to that money was evil,
born to people who hate us…..
No wonder people have cringed within a corner of their own energy field and are afraid of their own empowerment.
It is time to…..
Be Beautifully bold
Speak our truth
Value wisdom
Pull away from the pack
Give homage to the God of one’s choosing; the one that empowers them to love
Love in a rainbow of diversity
Embrace freedom
See the cleanliness of being filthy rich
Reject conformity
Unfurl one’s wings
Dance on a whim
Speak one’s heart
Honor the greatness in each other
Empower All
Strip the illusion off the power mongers
Walk all over their puny insignificance
Take our power back
Redistribute power to the individuals who are still scratching their head.
Enliven hope
Enliven wonder
Enliven the world
Hug a forest!
Be vulnerable
Express virtue
Speak of Love
Be demonstrative in loving life
Live our purpose
Share our dreams
Nurture kindness
Teach in a million ways
Speak in a million tongues
Readopt a simpler lifestyle
See beauty in it’s true form
Forgo dis-ease
Live our purpose
Uplift consciousness
Awaken in the spirit of love!
Jen Ward
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