The Golden Amber of an azure sky
Erases the memory of times gone by

Turn off the news, sit within….
Forget all talk of war and sin.

Your heart is a working aperture. A dial if you will….
You can get a sense of it, while advancing to be still

It’s set on “closed” by all the pain you see.
But it needs to be open for all to be free

We need to accept the depth of who we all are
Forgo every transgression, being transfixed on each scar

The collective of all, needs to undo that dial
Unjar the crust, squeeze out a smile

Forget thinking of factions that pump out the pain
Focus on the goodness of the all that remain

Quiet the fear and memory of loss
Perpetuate truth, love and kindness. Absorb any cost.

See…the azure sky is more than fodder for art
It’s the beckoning within to a luminous heart

Not just for us…..or we’d stay wallowing in pride.
For all souls who call earth the home they reside

When turning the dial. let the worry rescind
Then love in this world will collectively begin

You can witness the news till you’re blue in the face
But it won’t heal the world like a pure act of Grace

You can beat both your fists until they’re bruised, battered and broken
But it won’t be as powerful as when truth is spoken

You can deny all you want through shit eating teeth
But your innocent essence transparently cowers beneath

Just unwind the dial and let it come forth
Accept the stinging reality of knowing your worth

Be one of the unfurling souls coming out from ground cover
Awaken to the connectedness we’re anxious to discover

Then all outer circumstances will flip on a dime
Wonder will bloom, inner music will chime

Then everyone everywhere may start to agree
In this powerful intention for the collective “we”

Maybe you’ll feel love; not just for those that you bore
But for every single stranger on the way to the store

And as pure love pumps out from that perpetual old well
The concept of Truth, Love and Kindness will be easy to sell

Jen Ward 7/20/14

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