Falling in love,

Experiencing their first kiss,

Sacrificing their life

Tucking their children into Bed

Spoiling their pets

Discovering a truth

Enjoying a snack

Sharing a nap

Learning from their Dreams

Braced in anticipation

Immersed in reverence

Serving in reverence

Discovering their purpose

Laughing uncontrollably

Crying their eyes out

Honing their craft





We are doing all these things with them. Consciousness is like breath. We breath in all the experiences of humanity and exhale our contribution to the mix. We ebb and flow with the rhythm of life. All of these experiences are vibrating within our atoms and feeding our soul.

No one cries alone. We all cry with you

No one unworthy. We all are capable of experiencing our grandeur

Even a lifetime of futility is a great contribution to life.

It give soul girth. It gives us teeth.

Thank you for what you give.

Thank you for your presence.

You matter.

You are worthy.

You are celebrated by the angels.

They weep with you when you cry

And celebrate you victories.

You are loved.

You are honored.

You are Life itself.

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