Do you feel it?
The warm glow of the body,
Like being tucked into bed in new pajamas after a bath.
Do you hear it?
The excitement of the peepers on the first warm night,
Crickets scratching their leg in unison.
Do you smell it?
In the smoky fire that means security in the primal tongue.
Do you see it
In the kind gestures that you are witness to.
Do you feel it?
In the soft skin and fur of your loved ones.
Do you sense it?
In the hum of the atoms and the harmony of nature.
Do you appreciate it?
In each breath that anchors your Light to matter,
Do you share it?
In the many unique qualities you have accrued through experience,
Do you believe it as your truth?
Do you embrace it as a virtue?
Do you own it as your center?
Do you define it in your presence?
Do you recognize it every moment?
Do you perceive its depth
Conceive it as a concept?
Hold a place for it in this world?
Cherish it beyond all reason?
Perpetually channel it forth?
Mimic and personify it?
To know yourself and all through it?

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