Pray, not out of desperation, but as an act of conviction

Know, that all the Universe is conspiring to manifest your greatness

See, all the little miracles condensing in your world

Watch as all life around you bows to the truth you maintain

Witness, as others are sparked to their greatness through you

Ignore, the petty squabbles of those trying to fill up their day

Emulate all the greatness you see in the avatars and the children

Condense, all the wisdom, compassion and reverence into each moment

Dilute the stagnant apathy and indifference in the atmosphere with your concentrated kindness

Awaken the better part of each person, with merely your well meaning intention

Dream, of a world that exists in peace just beyond the horizon of man’s limitations

Stoke the passion in others to share their wealth of personal gifts.

Encourage the blinding white atmosphere of integrity and honor.

Hold space for the Dawn of enlightenment

Be, the sponsor to an exponential reality

Hold space for mans goodness to outlast his greed

Pray, that we all get there soon.

You are the visionary to get us there.

Your strength is the steed.

Your compliance is the benefactor.

You hold the fate of all humanity in all of your wonder.

I pray you see your importance.

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