Meet Me Half Way

Being so spent
There is nothing more to give
Witnessing so much inwardly
Not able to live

Starting a movement
Without even a spark
Motivating the weary
Isn’t a walk in the park.

Having a vision
That’s crystal, so clear
It’s living in a world
Devoid of despair

Having a means
To achieve such a goal
Constantly refining my purpose
Redefining my role

Healing the multitudes
One at a time
Awakening humanity
Is surreal, sublime

The female embodiment
Gets in the way
Can’t anyone recognize?
Illusion at play

I have come here in prose
As best as I can
To ease the suffering of others
Uplift the consciousness of man

It can be done in an instant
An hour, or a day
If only each individual
Would meet me half way.

You all have a purpose
As sacred and true
Its to be the best ever possible
Version of you.

Jen Ward 10/2/16

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