When you give your approval to something you don’t agree with,
You are diminishing your own voice
When you agree to a negative statement
You are lowering your vibrations.
When you comply just to keep peace,
You give away your power
When you appease,
You are empowering someone else
When you say something you don’t mean,
You are dissipating your credibility
When you make a promise that you don’t keep,
You are splitting your energy into two streams,
The one you walk and the one you agreed to walk.
When you believe in something without question,
You are giving away your ability to discern
When you follow out of fear
You live in fear
When you preach without the answers,
You preach ignorance
When people blindly lead
You have blind followers
When you find fault,
You are showing yours (faults)
When you show indifference
You create a wound
When you ignore
You create a ghost
When you dismiss anyone as unimportant
You just missed an opportunity to truly know your own depth.

Jen Ward 6/7/14

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