I whispered one syllable up to the sky,
In one outward breath, I simply asked, “Why?”
Why is it so difficult for some others to see,
The beauty, intention and kindness in me?

The Universe chuckled a light-hearted response,
It’s their own petty egos that have them ensconced,
It isn’t you they’re unable to see,
It is the beauty and love in themselves and in me.

They’ve been battered, broken, their energies dispersed,
Squelched, misaligned, hopelessly coerced,
That’s why their despondent; all actions rehearsed,
Treating existence as their own private curse.

By denying the Love in you and in me,
It’s their own loving nature; they’re unwilling to Be.

Through this exchange I was able to see,
Each being as an acorn to a beautiful tree,
Each as an atom in the body of God,
Pain was their blinding, hand tailored façade.

I AM the acorn I AM the tree!
I Am the best blessing, I possibly could be!
I AM a Lightness, softer than air,
I AM here to give solace; to show that I care.

I Am the wind, I Am the rain,
I Am the balm for everyone’s pain.
I Am the Lighthouse, and also the boat,
I Am the symphony and every last note.

I AM the Love, I happily give free,
Both root and branches on a Celestial tree,
I Am everywhere I know I can Be,
I AM the You, you are the Me.

Jen Ward 10/24/13

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