You are the portal to manifest the reality of your choosing

You decide

You are a walking, talking vision board

You are “The Secret”

You are the Will and the Way

I Am is the declaration of your portal

Whatever follows I Am .. is what you manifest

I Am announces the parameters of your portal to all

What are you as a portal?

What reality do you manifest?

You have the ability to manifest greatness for all.

Or close the portal to all

You can allow others to walk through your portal into a greater existence.

Peace on Earth

Security and Sanctity for all

Everyone one is right, their portal is valid.

You can choose to guide others to a more uplifting reality or commiserate in theirs

I choose peace

I choose equality

I choose enlightenment for all

I choose to make my portal so big and welcoming that others are eager to walk through it.

I choose to open others as portals

I choose to ignore all portals that don’t support peace

…that don’t support equality

…that don’t support enlightenment for all.

Others get angry at my portal for its expansiveness

But I have walked in the realms of a powerless existence

So I ignore their disdain

I stand firm in the center of my empowerment

And hold my portal open

To do less is a disservice to my journey

I welcome all to glimpse the wonder of an open portal

So they can guide the opening of their own splendor

In my portal, everyone is empowered

All hold themselves accountable

And kindness is acknowledged as the only viable currency

I can assist you in opening up your portal to enlightenment

I can do this because these are the parameters which I hold for my portal

When others tell me I can’t, they are using their portal to try to close mine.

It is my portal, I can do what I choose

I choose to empower you in your  most expansive state

I choose to empower  love in this world

My beingness is an open portal to love.

I always choose love

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