When did I become invisible
Unable to be seen?
When is the last time I caught a glimpse of myself
Without feeling so unclean?

When was the last time my heart didn’t feel shame
For merely being undressed?
When was the last time I laid down my head
Without feeling so much unrest?

I Am Humanity personified
I gently walk amongst the crowd
Continuously striving to bring everyone to Love
Merely by speaking about it out loud

I work every day to perpetuate kindness
Encourage others to do their best
I stand wincing against a wave of resistance,
Waiting for indifference to crest

When there is someone starving in the world
I feel their hunger pangs too
When you have laid crying. alone in your bed
I’ve laid with you, and cried with you, too

How did so many forget their dreams
Or how to listen to their intuition?
When did this great experience of life
Become one big institution?

Why did so many forget all their dreams
Or how to manifest them into form?
When did kindness, forgiveness and truth
Become the exception and not the norm?

I now realize when I became invisible
As silly as it may seem
We all lost sight of Humanity
When we lost the inclination to dream.

Jen Ward 10/13/14

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