We have all been beaten down,
Tortured for speaking up,
Killed for standing out,
Sacrificed for being beautiful,
Challenged for being strong,
Humiliated for being different,
Starved, hanged, drowned,
Murdered, abandoned and rejected.

It is amazing that we have anything left in us.
But we do.
It may be a matter of just tapping into that place
That has not been manipulated,
Used up.
We may have to crawl to that pure pooled place within ourselves
Splash it on our face.

Revive ourselves enough….
To drink from the infinite well.
If we can’t do it for ourselves,
We can do it for each other.
Until we are all standing in our empowerment,
We are all whole,
Loving and free.

Jen Ward 6/6/14

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