Please don’t discard me when I get old
Please never leave me, out in the cold
Please don’t think that you can’t break my heart
I suffer greatly when we’re apart

Please don’t think that I have no soul
Leave fresh water and kibble in my own bowl
Please don’t laugh at or tease me, I have my pride
The route for our walk, can I sometimes decide?

Please don’t pull my neck because I sniff
It eases my stress when I take a whiff
My bed and my collar are important to me
They mean that you love me, that I’m family

I like when we sit and stare at the box on the wall
I’ll do it forever, I don’t mind at all
I love it so much when you cuddle with me
And don’t get annoyed when I gotta go pee.

Please don’t feel guilty after I die
Just love me more deeply when I ‘m alive
When I do cross over, please bring home another
I will love you through them and call them my brother.

Jen Ward 4/5/14

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