Please Don’t Enlighten Me

There is no point rallying for social change until every human feels valued and heard. My humble opinions may not change society. But I believe things that aren’t accepted in today’s climate. Here are some of my random beliefs. Maybe others will feel empowered to share theirs if they see how out of the box someone else thinks. So here are my “ridiculous” notions. I am curious but not interested in how many people will feel compelled to enlighten me.

  • It is insanity that chemical medication is accepted as the norm but alternative practices are considered whack-o.
  • Prisons are filled with talented people whose strengths and talents do not conform to a narrow band of what society deems beneficial.
  • The welfare system doesn’t work. Not because people don’t need the assistance. It is because they need the assistance, because there are no avenues for so many to learn and share their skills and talents.
  • It is not only government that needs overhauling but all of society. Society is failing because it’s structure is based on archaic beliefs.
  • Anything or anyone that hurts, diminishes, judges, manipulates, excludes, kills, is not an authority on God.
  • There is no such thing as a lack of energy. It is an unnatural manipulation of the masses. We are all living breathing expressions and interactions of energy and energy is a byproduct of everything. We are just refusing to harness it.
  • We are not going to make society healthy by rallying around disease and make it a social event to do so. The main purpose; maybe inadvertent; in doing that (unbeknownst t the sincere individuals) is to make disease socially acceptable and the norm.
  • God does not need to be stroked and worshiped like an egotistical male. God is Love, an expression of Love, Love in action, Love personified. Anything that is loving, pure, natural, kind, accepting free, aware, unafraid, alive, is God personified.
  • People aren’t more important than other forms of life. Plant life and animals communicate in a nonverbal language and all can hear if they develop the perceptions to do so.
  • The world and all its inhabitants wouldn’t have to be governed if respect of the individual was the major priority and it was the golden rule of the land.

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