Once one sees everyone as energy and every interaction as an exchange in energy, interactions are changed forever.

For example:

Is giving really giving if the giver receives more than they give?

Are people famous because they have so much to offer or because they have such a great need that their personal interactions don’t fulfill them?

Are humans really the most intelligent creatures if they are the only ones who randomly destroy with no purpose? Or does the Universe allow them to feel smart out of compassion for their ignorance?

Are dogs really loyal by laying at our feet or do they only want to know when their people is attempting to make a move without them?

Are intelligent lives avoiding us because we aren’t evolved enough yet to be worth bothering with?

Does it bother anyone else that we use so little of our brain capacity yet we reject so many out of the box concepts that could maybe engage more gray matter?

Are we really supposed to keep procreating generation after generation without instilling in them any sense of purpose except to teach their parents how not to abuse them?

Are the five senses all we are going to acknowledge when a smart phone can share information with another smart phone just by being side by side?

Can one share and express their quandaries without being judged, pigeonholed or labeled?

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