One of the first podcasts I recorded was a series of SFT taps to assist veterans with the issues they don’t even feel comfortable addressing in Therapy. I get frustrated for others. And I am frustrated that I am able to assist people so easily yet am invisible in a jaded mainstream society.

Yet every morning I am ousted out of bed by an invisible force to either write or record a podcast that can help ease the pain and isolation of others in some way. I am happy to do it. But I don’t get much feedback on whether my efforts have helped others or not.

I was getting a bit discouraged this morning. Not because of anything organic but because of all the psychic energies that bombard us to release. I know enough to not react to the onslaught of negativity that infiltrates the emotions and mind. Yet a hint of discouragement got through. Am I wasting my time writing the books and recording the podcasts? Are they doing any good?

When I got in my car this morning, there was a little red poppy flower on the passenger floor. I have owned this car for six months. It wasn’t there yesterday. This red poppy flower is the kind that the veterans give out in appreciation for donations. There was one in my car that I did not put there.

Immediately I thought of the veterans podcast that I recorded and knew it had helped someone. I may never know anything more than that but the Universe said thank you for my donation. Though I can feel the negative energies trying their best, I know they dissipate when making contact with my grateful energy. This is how love and gratitude counter lower vibrations.

Here is the podcast if you want to listen. If you weren’t a soldier in this lifetime, you most definitely were in other lifetimes. Let’s break the cycle of war.

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