Perpetual Love


All life is a continuation of the love of our most intimate moments of revelation. This is our natural state of grace. This is what we who understand, pour out into the world without asking them to subscribe to anything, commit to anything, forego their own convictions or reason.

We simple share the love and gush it out into the world because it is needed and necessary. We benefit from the glory of watching a beautiful expansion of divinity in a place that was arid. It is as beautiful as watching the thirsty ground drink up the desperately appreciated rain. We do not ask for a piece of the ground for our part.

We are already the ground, moon, earth and sky. Why would we limit ourselves for asking for a petty portion? Forcing someone to believe as you do, is asking for a petty portion. It is limiting both you and them. It shuts down the beautiful flow of perpetual love.

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