Perpetual Calendar

  • Do you wish you had a daily practice that can help you feel grounded and confident through the day?
  • Do you feel like a failure that you don’t seem to have success meditating?
  • Have you tried yoga and other centering practices only to feel like you are missing the point to what other people are getting from them?
  • Would you like something to help you feel connected to a greater power without having to subscribe to a different belief system or adopt a new dogma?

Perpetual Calendar is a daily centering practice that can be used with anyone without having to change yourself or your belief system.
The tapping protocol in the Perpetual Calendar provides daily centering taps for the reader to do that doesn’t require that they invest any time or energy in a viewpoint that is foreign to their own.
The daily taps can bring confidence, clarity, and a more insightful relationship with life based on your unique vantage point in the world.
The exercises ease you out of subtle forms of conformity while augmenting your individuality in a profound and exponential way.

Perpetual Calendar Excerpt

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