Past Lives, Dreams and Inspiration

Past Lives Dreams and Inspiration book by Jen Ward


Past Lives, Dreams and Inspiration is the 15th book from Ascended Master and Inspirational author, Jen Ward. This groundbreaking new book helps you learn how to discern your past lives and validate the experiences you are already having.

The dynamic self-help book offers exponential healing & empowerment like learning the cause of deep seated anxieties and fears and the emotional cause of physical pain in this present life. Recognizing the initial cause of trauma helps validate the stored experience, releases it, and eliminates the need to react.

Jen’s determined to awaken everyone on earth to their own empowerment. She is a prolific writer on the page and the screen. Her unique ability to perceive in energy and articulate profound metaphysical concepts to mainstream  provides for a profound connection to her spirit on the web, social media and in print.



Learn how to discern your past lives, validate the experiences you are already having
Realize the connection between your dreams and past lives, collect the clues to who you are as a spiritual maverick

  • Release the limitations of a one life narrative

  • Release the control and shame that comes with lifetimes believing in a punishing God

  • Greet the world from a place of empowerment, come to terms with the inequalities in the world

  • Release lifetimes of karmic imbalances, learn how to stop living as a victim

  • Release your connection with those who have brutalized you

  • Create a life of freedom and abundance for yourself, Tap into the wisdom of the Universe

  • Learn the cause of deep seated anxieties and fears, Learn the emotional cause of physical pain in this present life

  • Release the initial cause from a past life that limits your quality of life in this life

  • If you have been asking the Universe for answers to questions about subjects that are rarely spoken of

  • If you feel invalidated or persecuted by this world we live in

  • If you have been asking God “why” about many situations that take place in the world

Jen Ward

I have had the experience of being killed and not being aware that I am dead. I have laid in a pile of dead soldiers and did not realize why the soldiers walking around were not helping me. I am not certain how long I stayed in that situation. I have seen the trauma of staying with the dead body happen with some of my clients in their past lives. Sometimes they were put in the ground and buried but did not realize they were dead. This manifests as terror of being buried alive, buried in the ground or being put in a coffin. Sometimes when people think they are awake but really in their astral body, they go back to that experience without consciously realizing it. That is why they put so much credo on being asleep. The trauma of dying but not crossing properly is horrific. That is what insomnia represents to those who suffer from it. Many past life issues cause anxiety in this life. 

I recently had a client who had been suffering from extreme insomnia. She had very strong past lives that were interfering with the process. In a past life, she was on watch for the safety of the village. “He” fell asleep and did not warn of incoming danger. Because he fell asleep, the town was rampaged and his people were killed. It created incredible guilt around falling to sleep.

I have had another client who got really agitated at the same time every night. It was an hour before dawn. Tuning in, it was revealed that they were executed at sunrise. When they woke up, they were going right back in the trauma of waiting to be executed. It was their private hell; which is what insomnia is to many.

If any of this resonates as a possibility, here are some taps that have helped:

Past Lives Dreams and Inspiration Excerpt 
Past Lives

  Past Lives, Dreams And Inspiration by Jen Ward

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