When:  May 11 & 12th, 2018

Where:  Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Rochester/Webster NY  

                860 Holt Road, Webster, NY 14850

               Hotel:  (585) 872-0900      


              The group code for retreat guests to book their room online: NUI  

Register Now – Space Is Limited! We Can’t Save You A Spot – Please Don’t Delay.

It’s Important You Are There! For ALL Of Us!

Early Bird – Registration for May 2018 Mother’s Day Retreat

Gaia energy is the aspect of humanity that has been dormant. We are still coming out of the dark ages as Gaia regains her presence back into the physical realms. What a better day to honor the presence of Goddess energy than on mother’s day. You can think of Gaia as Mother nature, mother earth, personified in your own mother or the aspects of the self that have been repressed. Kindness, creativity, ingenuity, trust in one’s own subtle senses and the awakening of enthusiasm for life are aspects of Gaia energy. If you need an intervention of some kind in yourself, you shouldn’t have to wait until you reach rock bottom. Embrace the beauty and expansiveness of Gaia energy within your self and you will sense the omniscience of your own empowerment. 

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