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When:  Friday February 9th and Saturday the 10th 2018

Where:  Hampton Inn & Suites Rochester/Victor, NY. Phone (585) 924-4400 and mention “Jen” to get a discounted rate or book online and use the code JEN for the room discount.

Retreat Registration Cost: $475.00   

There are so many sabotages in the world preventing us from achieving our potential as spiritual divine beings. During February, the psychic energy that engulfs society embalms people in a depression if they aren’t with the perfect partner. If they are in a relationship, these energies gnaw at all the goodwill a couple has accrued to make them feel like they are missing out on something divine. You have all that you need within yourself to have that feeling of being in love, without the need of bouncing it off another person. If you are in a relationship that is functional, it is the perfect relationship for you both. There are so many golden nuggets that are being overlooked in the love that your and your partner share. 

Whether you are in a relationship or searching for someone, you can use that energy to be immersed in the feeling of being in love every moment. It this retreat, we will be dissipating the psychic energy that creates so much loneliness and isolation and awakening everyone to the incredible feeling of being in love. 

This feeling of being in love is the process to awakening to a higher love. It does not need to be fed through the chemical process of the hormonal system or stoked by emotional stimuli to be validated. Sometimes being in love is a calm soothing resolve. This is similar to what it feels like being immersed in higher consciousness. It is not a giddy thing that needs to be stoked like a hungry fire. It is self soothing, self regulating and self fulfilling.  It is important to recognize this higher love so that the human senses which run on adrenaline and primal urges do not interpret this love in a negative way. Many happy relationships and lives have been sabotaged this way. 

If you would like a better awareness of what it is like to operate in the higher realms of pure love; you will benefit from this retreat. It may be a good one to bring a friend, lover or someone you know who is seeking a better understanding of the dynamics of life. It will definitely create a shift in energy for all those who attend. 

–  Jen Ward

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