Partaking of the Holy Grail


King Arthur’s life was prearranged by Merlin who slipped his queen mother into the bed of another powerful king. He was hidden and raised under the tutelage of Merlin. Merlin was someone like myself; who perceives in energy. Arthur fulfilled a prophesy when he found the sword and pulled it out of the rock. The legend was built up quickly in those days because communication was word of mouth. The prophesy was merely whoever possessed the sword was the rightful heir to the throne. Merlin found it for Arthur and led him to it. It was caked in limestone that was dripping on it. Merlin made certain it was loose enough for Arthur to pull it out of the stone in the presence of witnesses.

King Arthur’s reign brought a moment of enlightenment to a part of the world in a dark times. He was noted as achieving chivalry in what was otherwise a barbaric land. He also created equality and fairness amongst all the knights. This was depicted in a round table where none sat at the head above another. It was also legend that he possessed the holy grail.

From 1208-1244 the Church of Rome forced a peaceful heretics of Cathars in southern France to either renounce their faith or walk into a mass fire and Die.
They were tortured into admitting possessing a secret Book of Love that Jesus gave to John the Divine. It was transmitted through the centuries until the Knights Templar and the Cathars adopted it. Its contents were a secret skill said to grant one the ability to control the forces of nature and to transform ordinary human blood into that of the wise, holy and pure blood of life of the immortal or Illuminati. It is equated with the Holy Grail.

According to Cathari belief, one object of Earth life was to make over the human body as a worthy vehicle for the light of the Holy Spirit (love). The point was to know the Grail not as a cup but as a process. Jesus was the one who modeled this. This is what they died for.

King Arthur possessed such insights. He was raised pagan. A pagan has been depicted as ignorant and Godless. They were not. They saw God in everything, listen to their inner promptings, respected nature and honored female energy. Those are the qualities that king Arthur brought to Camelot.

Arthur had an internal struggle because he conceived a child with his half-sister. She has been depicted as evil in the legend but she was a great healer and a Priestess. Neither knew they were siblings when they engaged. He Loved her dearly and they could have ruled together. But the downfall of Camelot came mainly due to Guinevere. She was Christian. She pressured him into wiping out the pagans and demanded that everyone be Christian. King Arthur’s Love for her was used to sway him into being less objective. She had an affair with his best friend and most trusted defender. As with anything so strong and vital, Camelot was destroyed from within.

Many stories have been written about the quest for the Holy Grail. Yet it is within each of our grasps. Religious Loving people have been subjugated, tortured and killed simply because they were devoted to their beliefs. Cathars was considered the first European Holocaust. Maybe many of us were there. Maybe this is the lifetime we get vindication for our sacrifice. Maybe this is the lifetime we can live in peace, Speak our truth, share our gifts, revel in our love for God AND Nature and heal old wounds. It’s not done by looking at what the world is showing us. It is done by finally being able to reveal to the world the wonders within us all.

Here is to partaking of the Holy Grail and offering it out to all others.

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Shelley Wilson
April 30, 2017 at 12:56 am

Amazing to know the whole Truth ! Thank you jen

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