Do you know that food that you didn’t like right away but now love? Or, that television show that you finally gave a chance and now it is your favorite? People are the same way. Sometimes we dismiss them all too easily.

There were three girls walking down the street. Two of them were of the mindset that they were very attractive. They were pleased at being seen and were waking to take in the world’s adulation.

The other girl was so happy to be with them. She was talking to one and so engaged. They were half listening but they were too engaged in their subtle interaction with adornment.

I sent the more expressive girl incredible love. I told her within myself how beautiful and special that she was. She didn’t need anything from me but between the three of them, she was the one who may be overlooked more at first glance. As a fellow passerby, I focused all my attention on her just to level the playing field.

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