Opening the Heart

When the heart opens, it may feel painful. The feeling of deep love for someone in your care and at the same time fear of ever seeing something harm them is the same. If we cannot pass judgment or have emotions about it, the heart center will expand nicely and the person will adjust to being in a seemingly more vulnerable state. As long as the love is flowing freely through the aperture, the person is protected by the flow.

That is why it is so important to perpetuate love when the heart is open.

When we feel love/pain from giving too much, it is because the aperture is starting to close down through self-introspection (due to a desire). We want the love to come from an outside source other than the Flow itself. The feeling or thought would be that of being taken for granted. The cure is to love more and open the aperture wider. This is how we continue to expand. This is how we unfold from Human to Luminescent Being.

When creative people do what they love, they endure a lot in the process. The out-flowing of love from their own selves is what sustains them through the process. They remain in the love of what they do through it all. And that is what is needed for Mastership. One must continue to love and love and love. Not loving is not an option. It doesn’t mean that they are warm and fuzzy.

Love is a neutral state, acquiring its attributes from passing through the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

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