Nurturing Greatness

One aspect of humility is not finding it necessary to challenge someone’s belief system.

When talking with a child, and they tell you that they are a princess, a great artist or the best at anything, there is no reason to challenge their concept of themselves. Yet we do this with adults all the time. We find it necessary to level someone’s concept of themselves so they don’t feel self-important. We don’t want them thinking they are better than what they are; in our minds. The real issue is that we don’t want them to think they are better than us.

Technique: DO the opposite. Stop being the devil’s advocate. Encourage others. See them as the princess, the teacher , the leader, the most talented. Help it shine forth in all. It is not a weakness in them to believe they are these things, it is a weakness in you in not seeing it. We are greater than we think and when we can see it in another, we can nurture it in ourselves.

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