Never Hit a Person with your Car

Everyone that is driving, knows that it is never, never, never okay to hit a pedestrian. It is inconvenient sometimes to wait for them to cross but it has to be done. There are safeguards set up for them at every turn. One can’t even nick a person with a car!

Wouldn’t it be great if people would take the same care with others feelings? What if it was never, never never okay to diminish some one or hurt their feelings or one-up them in any way. What if it was common knowledge to consider all others as pedestrians and to treat them with the utmost respect because they could be devastated by the force of a blow. That even being nicked by your comments or unkindness is unacceptable.

Whenever you are interacting with others and they are talking too slow or are not interesting enough or you are just busy; think of yourself as a car and they as a pedestrian. Wait at the light for them to cross. They matter. They need to get to their destination too. And if they are on foot, have compassion for them because they are doing the best that they can.

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