Healing songs are a gift from the cosmos.

Healing songs are a gift from the cosmos using receptive artists as antennas to grab the healing message and convert it into a form that humanity can digest. As we all listen to a particularly uplifting song, we are connected to each other through the commune of our receptivity.

The oxymoron of our society is that it takes a dynamic persona to break through the consciousness to reach mainstream. Yet it takes a thoughtful sincere artist to integrate the words and melody into a healing vessel capable of soothing a weary world. We should be grateful for the unique individuals who serve humanity this way and all the collaboration it entails.


Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

Some songs are very healing. Jeff Buckley tapped into the healing powers of the song Hallelujah. What people may not realize is that some songs are good for healing particular issues. The song Hallelujah is good to release the issues of the crusades. The crusades spanned over the period of thousands of years. The pain and trauma that was experienced then is store in the DNA and passed down generation after generation. That is what genetic diseases are at the core. They are past era emotional issues manifesting.


Imagine – John Lennon

The song imagine was written from an inner experience John Lennon had of observing the awakening of the planet that we are starting to evolve into. In contemplation, I experienced the image of world peace with everyone sharing their gifts and being so enthralled in their purpose that they had no inclination to take or diminish anyone. This is the true vision of world peace. He tried to convey the pitfalls of governments and entrenched religions. But the people of the time were so encapsulated in a cocoon of illusion that they could not embrace the freedom of his vision. The psychic energies of corruption and power targeted him to stop the truths that he was seeding in humanity. Truth and love resonate at similar frequencies. So the reason there is not enough love in the world is because there is so little truth.


One Tin Soldier – The Original Caste

Another song that has a totally different feel but none the less assists in releasing issues of the crusades is the Song One Tin Soldier. If one is able to see the Akashic records that are tapped by the playing of this song, they would be one of releasing the issues of the Holy Wars. People who resent religion or show up agnostic or Atheist do so because their DNA carries a resentment of the Holy Wars. This song played to someone who resents religion, may evoke an emotion of sadness. The tears a a great way to cleanse old issues. They should never be stopped from flowing. One Tin Soldier evokes identifying with the innocence of believing in a greater truth


I Love (Little Baby Ducks) – Tom T Hall

Some songs just tap into an innocent aspect of ourselves that are healing in their simplicity. If music can evoke an emotional response then it is tapping into the fabric of humanity and connecting us to something greater than ourselves


Sometimes Rock bands tap into their softer sides and create something that is really healing and can be appreciated by the whole family. Some of their softer songs can stand the test of time. They make great lullabies

In My Dreams – REO Speedwagon


Ric Ocasek – Emotion In Motion


All of Me – John Legend

It is obvious to tell when a song is based on real life experience. The depth and breadth that John Legend taps into in being the love transcends time and space


Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses

When a song taps into into a special loving experience between a father and his daughter, the results can be tapping humanity more into having a peripheral understanding of the experience even if it is something that they do not have the luxury of otherwise identifying with


Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance

Songs that may tap into a vein of inspiration assist in uplifting the collective of humanity. When we are listening to an uplifting music, so are millions of others listening at the same time. There is synergy in this that works to bring all individual, through osmosis, to a greater level of peace and kindness. That is why uplifting music is so important. It elevates all of consciousness through osmosis

Jen Ward.

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