Misunderstanding God

God doesn’t care what you call It, Him Her. God doesn’t need to be praised. It has no ego. God does not want you to feel unworthy. God doesn’t “feel”. God is everything; Love, Wisdom, Abundance and Freedom rolled up into one experience.

The purpose of Worship is to pull you into the experience of God. Not to make you feel unworthy. To feel unworthy is to separate you from the experience. God is all-encompassing. Anything that hints of exclusion is not God but ego or worse, the attempt of man trying to speak for God.

Anything that separates you from the source is not God. All of our experiences, our differences, our lifestyles, our uniqueness is meant to hone our abilities to master Love and Compassion for all. Anyone who disturbs our connection with God will be dealt with. It is none of our business.

God does not need power mongers to police the world. If one wants to be more Godly, all one has to do is stretch their capacity to love.

Here are some EFT taps to assist:
(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head, and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

I make space in this world for more Love; in all lifetimes.

I remove all blockages to more Love in this world; in all lifetimes.

I stretch my capacity to Love; in all lifetimes.

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