Kindness is not weakness.
Opinions are not necessarily truth.
Judgments are not facts.
Wielding power is not strength.
Showing Love is not a vulnerability.
Sharing is not losing but an exponential gain.
Giving is not giving, but receiving.
Taking up a cause in not transcending power; it is making it your equal.
Silence is not invisible.
Conversation is not a trade-off for connecting.
Society is not a reflection of humanity.
Problems are not meant to be downloaded onto others.
Sympathy is not compassion. Sympathy is rubbing an eternal wound.
Compassion is disallowing the wound to be re-opened.
The past only defines us if we bring it into the present.
There is no future only consecutive moments.
Religion is merely a step towards God
The heart of Love is entered beyond the mind.
Higher Love is not warm and fuzzy but a deep contentedness.
Complacency is a form of death.
Others do not see your faults with the same magnifying glass as you.
Problems are gifts to hone our spiritual strength.
Beauty is a recognition of an inner Light.
An enemy is the flip side of a friend.
Most are not afraid to die but to be separated from their consciousness.
Everyone is on a hajj to the Mecca of their truth, so there is no need to save anyone.
We are not individuals but atoms in the body of Love.
Love is not something to strive for but to recognize from within.
Everyone is lovable; it is what they have accumulated that is not.
No one is an island; one’s uplifting thoughts, deed and actions uplift all.
Humility is seeing your greatness, and seeing that same greatness in all.
The mind is not God. The mind is a computer that we defer to out of habit.
Our physical body is just a vehicle to operate to gain experiences.
More people are more afraid of living than of dying.
It is impossible to die; only to wear out our vehicles.
People are afraid to speak their truth because of persecution in past lives.
Our fears already played out in past lives so we can let them go.
Herd mentality plays on a primal fear of being picked off in a herd.

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