Misconceptions of the Single Self

The misconception is that the Soul is trapped in the body. The truth is that soul is separate from the body and can hover at will. Hovering is a natural state. Sometimes it registers as being light-headed. The Bible mentions in Genesis that God created the form and breathed life into it. Belief that we are trapped in the body creates that sense of separateness in us that is a fallacy. It is a great form of control.

Another fallacy is that our soul is separate from others; as if we are all gum drops. Really, we are all connected and can tap into others and the “All” through the love. Love is the universal conduit to do this. It is good to be separate from the social group as a means to be an individual. But to believe that we are individual souls is a mistake. The difficulty is in trying to wrap our mind around it using the human brain. It is beyond the scope of the brain’s ability.

People have an innate sense of this connectedness and that is why they want to be a part of something. You needn’t be concerned. You are already a part of the whole. Knowing your self as a part of the whole creates a sense of completeness that defies want, hope and need.

When you are using your gifts and talents,and achieving great feats, you are touching upon this connectedness. You are transcending the limitations of the single self.

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