Jen Ward CEO Jenuine Healing

Jen Ward

Ascended Master, Sangoma, LMT

Mainstreaming the dynamics of the worlds of energy, healing, spirituality  and metaphysics in a way that everyone can digest it and empower themselves with it.

Nora Whalen COO Jenuine Healing

Nora Whalen

Chief Operating Officer

Funneling the expansiveness of Jen’s work into a palpable way for the world to understand and digest it.

Ron Peterson CTO Jenuine Healing

Ron Peterson

Chief Technology Officer

Gatekeeper to truth in the cyber world and all that entails.

Thérèse Kravetz Director of Publishing Jenuine Healing

Thérèse Kravetz

Director of Publishing

Editor of all Jen’s books and personal liason between the expansiveness of Jen’s work and how it is preserved in the written word.

Lisa Gates Graphic Designer Jenuine Healing

Lisa Gates

Graphic Designer

Mainstreaming the subtleties of energy, healing, spirituality and metaphysics in an easy discernible way to access personal empowerment.


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