Making This Lifetime Matter

One of my long time clients who does all the taps that I post recently had a dream. It depicted how the work we do in group sessions benefits everyone. In the dream, she was feeding the multitudes of people. She was feeding them all milk with their meal.

Two different men of authority who had been important in her life came in the restaurant. They commented on her supply of milk being half empty. They also commented that it was diluted. She responded with confidence that she had plenty and she would be able to feed everyone.

The men then did something surprising. They took out their own milk that they had skimmed off her pitcher in the past and poured it back into the pitcher. She could then feed the multitudes a more full concentrated milk.

In the dream, the diluted milk represented individual’s effectiveness. It is so prevalent that the dilution isn’t even recognized. The woman feeding the multitudes was giving the individuals back their empowerment; which is what we do in the group sessions. We take back from power groups, which are energy hoarders, and give it back to the individuals. As a by-product, we are immersed more in love and our own empowerment as well.

The men of authority represented groups in the world that diluted the effectiveness of people by skimming their energy off and using it for their own empowerment. Through the group sessions, we are taking back from power groups, all that they have taken from all individuals and giving it back to them. It is so subtle and at such a deep level, that the power groups seemingly give back what they have taken, willingly. The long-term effect is more empowerment of all individuals and a mass consciousness of higher awareness.

The people in the group sessions say that these group sessions are the work that they have come here to do. We, in the group, are all dedicated to making this lifetime matter for as many others as possible. It is the most satisfying act of service that any of us has done thus far.

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