Making all Criticism Constructive

Humans benefit from embracing information as a way to improve the species. No matter how biased, ruthless or even inaccurate, the opportunity to reduce the ego is a priceless one. When criticism comes in, the self recognizes it and closes the energetic aperture of the heart chakra. It is literally true that some people have an open heart. It is painful to have the heart aperture closed but when people attack others, theirs is usually is closed.

When someone is poised to attack, try to remember that rules have changed. We are all connected, so by taking in what the attacker is saying, all in the collective receive it, even the attacker. It strips off layers of the ego, not only for the self, but the whole. By “taking one for the team”, we create an energetic teaching moment and become a shining example in every way. The person attacking, as unaware and unkind as they seem, will be getting a lesson on how to open their heart chakra and the species will be stripping off more of the layers of ego. This ego has trapped us all in humanity’s sense of entitlement and lack of awareness and compassion for anyone but themselves.

The words and interactions that follow will be led by the heart. It will be less painful because the choice in the moment is a conscious one, so the receiver of the “attack” is taking higher ground and removing themselves from the fray with an insightful vantage point. They can still energetically keep anything harmful from coming in AND keep their heart chakra open. This will help them develop their subtle energies and teach them that they can hold energy away from themselves without having to energetically close themselves off. It is very freeing!

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