Loving Balance

In our natural state, our energy is perpetually flowing love. There is a desire, almost a compulsion, to give and share. We hold a memory of this complete loving within our energy field and it is that to which we aspire to return.

Due to trauma and fear, our loving flow diminishes to a trickle. Our access to the energy that fuels and inspires us diminishes. We shut down to a large extent and become less effective at helping ourselves and uplifting others.

Those who are trying hard to become effective again may become misguided in their sharing. They may try their best but often their sharing becomes verbal rants or emotional dumping. Since their energy flow is still introverted their sharing is based on fear or problems.

When someone is in this mode of processing, try to listen to them obliquely (if you feel you must listen at all). Sympathy has a low frequency, so giving too much sympathy can actually hinder someone more than help them. A better way to help is to validate their greatness rather than their issues. Remind them of their resilient spirit and that anything that they are experiencing is temporary. They may try to bring you into their pain but that is only out of fear or loneliness. They don’t understand what they do.

To get out of that state ourselves, the best thing we can do is just give. Give of our talents, our time, our gifts in any way that allows us to prime the pump of generosity and love that is our natural state. But in doing so, realize that we have to include loving ourselves. Because when we can Love others AND Love ourselves, then we are in balance.

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