Love and Life beyond the Physical Realm

There are things that show up in our life that mean something deeper than what is on the surface. They are clues to help us discover more of who we are beyond the confines of this one lifetime. They are like dream symbols, except they appear in our every day life. If we know what these symbols mean, we can use them in a similar way as the initial clue in a cryptogram puzzle; to unlock a deeper meaning to our lives.

My friend started seeing a specific species of hawk when her cherished husband crossed over. It would comfort her to see the hawk when she was missing his physical presence. She would hear it screech across the sky at the same time daily, as if to reassure her that he still loved her and that they were still a team. She indeed felt his presence whenever she thought of him, was feeling lonely, or needed to make a decision about her affairs.

One day she called me very upset. She saw her hawk symbol joined by another hawk. There were two of them. They were flying together the whole time she witnessed them. She interpreted this to mean that he had moved on. Sometimes it takes only one wrong thought to move us from our center. I would not usually interfere when someone is interpreting their own symbols and tell them that I knew better. But in this case it was the compassionate thing to do.

The second hawk was a symbol for her to know that she and her husband were still together; that the process of him stepping out of the physical body did not dissolve the ties of love between them. There is an aspect of her that is as free as he is, and unencumbered by a physical form. Those aspects of her and her husband are still together and still interact as a married couple.

Knowing this was an incentive for my friend to delve deeper into her own dream and astral plane experiences. When one is on the astral plane, it is as real and solid as the physical world is now to us because we are in a body of a similar vibratory rate to the plane of existence. She and her husband have many adventures still and it all began with her paying attention to her waking symbols and disciplining herself to remember her dreams.

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