Life is a Buffet

Life is like an “all you can eat” buffet. You get to choose from the experiences that you have. We are so more empowered than we give ourselves credit for. We manifest everything that we focus on. That is the reason to focus on Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness. When people tell me about their problems, I want to say, stop choosing them from the buffet.

Instead of telling me about your problems, tell me about your dreams, tell me how much you love your family, tell me a funny story about your pets. Share with me your artwork, music, ideas, projects, what you are proud of, what makes you happy, what you are excited about, what is your favorite team, where are you going on vacation and all the miracles that happened during the day.

When someone is living like a victim, it is like waiting for the waiter to come and serve up a daily special of disappointment. When someone is having problems, I wonder why they are choosing them from the menu. What we focus on is what we manifest. That is the simple cause and effect of life.

There are so many experiences that are waiting to manifest. I invite and encourage everyone to at least choose from the ala carte menu!

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