(What Gay people really have a reason to be proud about)


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1. Overcoming Conventional Programming

Even before a baby is born, the one thing that everyone wants to know is if it is a boy or a girl. The primal instinct to label everything is so strong that everyone is gathered around the new soul that is incarnation and waiting how to label it. The drive to indoctrinate a child into their sex is so strong that it proceeds the conception of the baby. This is very strong peer pressure to overcome.

A person has to be so strong in their personal identity to counter this very strong primal conditioning. Jesus said in the bible to “Know Thyself” To counter all that society, your family and even your own physical anatomy tells you to follow the dictates of your own heart takes strength and resilience beyond compare.

Being gay is a shortcut to breaking out of all of the conformity of linear limitations and embracing one’s self as an exponential being. We are not stick figures. living a linear life from a to b. We are exponential starbursts. A gay identification is closer to that starburst than denying a whole sub sect of one’s self by merely identifying with one sex. Being able to identify with both sexes is the up grade.

2. Being Tapped into Past Lives

We are eternal beings. We spend our incarnations vacillating between the sexes. Sometimes we spend a few lifetimes as a man and then a few lifetimes as a women. Sometimes the draw to the different sex than our anatomy is because we are remembering past lives that we may have had more pleasant or dominant experiences.

Gay people may merely just naturally be drawn to identifying with their past lives. Everything that we are is a compilation of our experiences in past lives. Gay people naturally and instinctively live beyond the confines of a one life limitation. To believe one can know themselves from the happenings in one lifetime, is as silly as reading a classic novel and believing that you understand the main character in their totality simply from one chapter.

3. Living the Upgrade

Humans are constantly evolving. When we climbed down from the trees and were expecting to survive under such ruthless conditions, we accepted the primal roles of our anatomy simply to survive. We had no luxury to consider how we felt or what we gravitated towards on a deeper level.

Our roles were entrenched in survival. The world is still ruthless in a subtle way. The survival necessary though isn’t for physical well being but to thrive within our spirit. It is amazing to be able to forgo the primal constructs that so many still follow and have and have been written into their religious scripts as reinforcement. Defying the written scripture shows an evolution to humanity. What strength to be able to forgo all the conditioning and muscle memory that has been instilled in our genetic makeup and to accept the upgrade of expressing ones sexuality in a myriad of ways.

To overcome the negative onslaught that humanity ensues in demonizing anything that is closer to truth. Defying one’s family, culture and the religious beliefs that have been internalized through fear during the dark ages is a powerful upgrade. Anyone who can embrace their individuality under so much pressure and scrutiny should indeed be proud of themselves. They deserve parades.

who to love - being gay

4. Listening to the Heart

God is within. To thy own heart be true. Judge not least ye be judged. These are all golden snippets from the good book. No one knows how sacred the need to be true to one’s self than someone who was born with the understanding of being gay. Only those seeking a true understanding of the spiritual nature of life may be as in tuned to the inner promptings of seeking truth than someone born gay.

Someone accepting themselves as gay demands that they opt out of the auto pilot of life and to become individualized. To be able to defy all of one’s conventional promptings and to expand ones knowledge and awareness of the self being the walls of convention may be life’s way of bringing on a quickening to ones true identity as a living, breathing extension of God and God’s love. Anyone who is not being treated loving in their religion has a better understanding of the difference between external religious teachings and an inner understanding of God’s perpetual love.

When the two of these meet in perfect harmony and agreement, then we will realize world peace. The disconnect between God’s written mandate, edited and reconstructed by men through the ages, and the perpetual love and acceptance from within shows the same schism between the present humanity and world peace.

5. Being Comfortable in One’s Skin

As much judgement and outer scrutiny gay people deal with today, there is an innate sense of freedom in declaring who you are, what you feel and how deeply you love. It takes a lot of courage to defy the tribalism of hate mongering and be able to love at such a deep level that the very act of you loving elicits hate.

To understand that that is a reflection of the hater and has nothing to do with you is a powerful self statement. Such bravery in the expression of truth is heroic. Truth and love resonate at similar frequencies. The reason that there isn’t more love in the world is because there is so little truth.

Loving who you love with no compromise is a pure expression of truth that entails others to shift to accommodate the higher frequency. Their inability to accept the higher frequency of truth also depicts the inability to accept the higher frequency of love. Be patient with them. The changes in frequency are inevitable and you are part of the upgrade.

Here are some taps to do to keep your pipeline of Divine Love pumping flowing out into the world, no matter what you are doing. There are side benefits of course. Maybe one will feel more confident and less insignificant. For those who do feel small, may I suggest when you declare yourself a perpetual pipeline, that you visualize being a HUGE hose and not some itty bitty garden hose? Also, there is an infinite amount of Divine Love. The flow can never dry up. People just cut themselves off from the Flow. The tapping on the brain tells it that the issue you are referring to is of highest priority. The ego will put our most precious desires on the back burner. The tapping by passes this ego tendency and creates a relatively quit shift in outer and inner dynamics

Stop the Delusion
(say three times while tapping on your head and say a fourth time while tapping on your chest)
  • We release tip toeing around society’s delusions; in all moments
  • We release pretending to agree with society’s delusions; in all moments
  • We release supporting society’s delusions; in all moments
  • We withdraw all our energy from society’s delusions; in all moments
  • Truth, love, integrity. sincerity and kindness pierce the delusion of judgement, dark money, psychic intrusion, conditioning and manipulation; in all moments


Jen Ward

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