There was a rule I was taught at the past spiritual group I participated in: It was a spiritual mandate.It was to NOT heal anyone. That it was a interference with their spiritual Journey. They needed the struggle to strengthen.

The Ancient ones refuted this. They explained that the odds are so stacked against most humans that advancing spiritually without assistance is almost impossible. They explained that people are trapped in the cage of the human condition. If you saw a crazed dog trapped in a cage, you would help them out. Even if they nipped at you. You would understand their crazed conditions.

They gave me the protocol that I share as a means of giving humans a shortcut out of the incredible onslaught of conditioning that they carry. Even their spiritual beliefs are outmoded.

There should be no fear of taking on karma. We are not a empty cup like we are taught in the linear realms. We are an emanation of light woven with a frequency of sound to give the illusion of form. Fluid energy cant hold energy in its field unless it is convinced that it is a container. Then it will use its empowerment to hold the energy in its grasp.

This is what we do with disease. We hold stagnant energy in our grasp by believing it is so. Our belief makes it so. We glue it to ourselves by owning it by giving it a label and calling it “my….” If you could see yourself as fluid energy, you could exist much easier in this illusion of solid matter.

You could dissipate all that you don’t wish to rotate around your center of gravitational pull while still holding the belief you are solid. You could pretend to be solid while realizing you are fluid. As fluid energy we can move energy away from us and others at will. This is what I do.

We are told we are not meant to help people energetically unless they give permission. The Ancient ones tell me that people don’t need to sign a permission slip. Everyone is crying out for help. That is what prayers are. We, who have compassion to help others are being called to help them through our talents and our compulsion to assist. When someone prays for help, the Universe sends assistance through our kindness and in us sharing our gifts.

We are all atoms of God.. We all answer prayers by staying open to our own inner compass. We, when we are kind, are acting in our official duties as an atom of God. We are answering prayers that other people have secretly whispered to God. The more we are aware of our empowerment, the more we are aware of the prayers that we answer.

I started to see this correlation when I first started doing body work. People would tell me many times that they were praying or meditating and they were told during these times to come see me. These were the sessions where the most dynamic results were attained.

There are so many things we have been told in our spiritual studies that have been actually meant to keep us disconnected and ineffective transcending and in assisting others to transcend. What I share is the upgrade. There is no central figure to worship, there is no striving for perfection, there is no need to try to get out of the body only to feel bad if you are not capable. There is no shame, guilt. judgement, mandates or even fear. All fear dries up with the searing goodness of our own emanating love.

You can stay in your body and realize you are the center of the Universe. You can expand your awareness to be anywhere in the Universe and beyond that you intend to be while also being centered in your body. This is the upgrade. It is time to stop being shamed for being human. Strip away all the layers of conditioning that your true essence has been buried in.

Download the Energetic Cleanse. Do the taps in this exercise with any label you identify with. Use it to peel of layers of obligation, shame, self derision and disappointment. Use it to free yourself so you can access your inner Love Light and your beautiful Omniscience.

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