You are not who you think you are.

The brain has no idea.

You are not your feelings.

Feelings are very low to the ground.

You are not what you experienced in the past.

You are only a tiny fraction of what you are experiencing in the moment.

You are not limited to the choice of words you chose to use to define yourself.

You are not guilty, ugly, stupid or fat.

All words are a glass ceiling on the self; especially the negative ones.

We worry about someone diminishing us. They don’t need to.

The perpetrator got in. It is an inside job.

We diminish ourselves.

We echo past experiences, relationships, interactions and tragedies and bring them into the sacred moment of NOW.

We do that.

No one is in our moment doing it to us.

Our presence with ourselves is ours alone. It is our place of Love and reverence.

When we say, “they did this to me”, then you are doing it to yourself.

When you say, “They told me I can’t”, You are telling you that you can’t”

When you say “I Am clumsy, stupid, useless”, you are taking the divine and desecrating it in to clumsy, stupid, useless energy.

When you say it about another or yourself, it does not matter. We are all the same. It does not matter if you speak it out loud or say it in your head. It is still in play.

You are the divine.

There are a billion trillion ways to describe it but it needs to register or all is lost.

You are every beautiful image.

You are every note of inspiration.

You are every story of adventure.

You are every act of heroism

You are every pure breath

You are the moment of truth

You are a whisper and an explosion weaving into each other

You are the moment of conception

You are the place where the yin and yang meet, and agree.

You are every moment of reaching out to others.

You are every connection

You are every single note of the divine

You are an emanation of wonder.


You Are I Am

Natures talisman

Every experience of awakening

A nova expanding into your own galaxy.

Atoms vibrating into sound.

A tapestry of intricacy

You are realized when you realize

You are the omniscience of all.


Jen Ward 4/3/14

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