Ethics will never be mandated by law. Law only bring accountability to the lowest common denominator. Ethics will be raised as the human spirit is uplifted to realize the value of it’s own worth; through love, kindness and accomplishment.

When an individual realizes the satisfaction of sharing their gifts, they will organically begin to resonate with a frequency of love. Our purpose as members of humanity is keep the pathway clear for all souls to share their gifts. We do this by loving example, simple kindness and taking a non scrutinizing stance.

All want to be loving. So many who are floundering believe themselves to be loving at the core. They have an innate sense of their own goodness but the conditioning of false humility prevents them from stepping out of the shadow of self doubt.

Surrendering to the love is a means of diving into the ebb and flow of life and trusting the tide to take you to the shores of love. It is inevitable so just trust and fall back with a sense of abandon. By releasing everything you believe you should be, you become the you that you are; unique, distinct and a wonderment to behold.

This is high tide. This is time for us all to be collected back into the heart of love and to flow again in balance with all that is good. Let go of the struggle and just be present with the dynamic experience of being you. Joy, Love, Abundance and freedom are inevitable when we realize to stop fighting the current.

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