The words we use; every single one of them; has a vibration that either elevates us or pulls us down. If we say Love, Honor, Peace, Truth; these words all bring a feeling with them. This feeling permeates through all our atoms; to have them and the whole; resonate with Love, Honor, Peace and Truth.

If we talk about things that we don’t agree with, the words we use STILL vibrate through our beingness. It doesn’t matter what our stance is, the mind just feels the energy of the words and simply complies. So if we are a peaceful loving person, and still talk about war, it is war that we will resonate with. This is what people sometimes don’t realize. If you enjoy peace, don’t think or talk about war. This is where self discipline comes in.

This is also why talking about problems is not as effective as one realizes. When we talk about something, it is a form of agreement with it; even if we say we don’t like it. Talking about something causes us to resonate with it. In fact, it is easier to pull ourselves in alignment with something negative than to keep ourselves elevated to Love, Honor, Peace and Truth. We can be gliding along in lofty heights and then one person taking about their pain can ground us and have us resonating with pain.

People use curse words recklessly and they are weapons. They are slicing each other up constantly with them. When people use a curse word, I feel it as physical pain. Even though others may not feel the pain of them, they are still being affected by them and harming others with them. I had one client who was amazed in her first remote session. She kept saying “Get the “F@#k” out of here” as she felt her energy shift as we worked. I gave her homework to correct her habitual cursing.

Within a couple sessions, her whole life shifted to her truly recognizing her amazing contributions. It was miraculous.

When I write posts, I am using them as energetic buoys to pull people up in vibratory rate. For some it is a drastic shift and they can feel themselves tingle as their vibration is quickly shifted. Some people in their enthusiasm, post where they were before the shift. They share a heaviness that pulls the reader back down. I am happy that they share and are enthused but wish to tell them to leave the heavier words unsaid; and if possible; un-thought.

Here is a technique to do: Go through your day and say only the highest vibratory words that you can use. If you have to communicate something of a lower vibration, find creative ways to do it using higher vibrational words. If something is bad, get used to saying not good. If something is truly terrible, describe it as not wonderful. This one shift can turn someone’s world around to magical. This is a way to turn an okay life into AMAZING!

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