When someone is pushed to the extent of killing others, they have built up psychic energy around them through their anger and isolation. Once it builds up to such an extent, it vibrates with the energy of ruthless cruel energies.If there is access to a gun, it connects with the psychic energy of killing that is innately an aspect of owning a gun. Being responsible gun owner is a means of harnessing these psychic energies. But if one is not in agreement with being a responsible gun owner, they are susceptible to psychic energies around a gun.

These energies have been seasoned in the atmosphere of war and indifference. This is why a normal, frustrated child can act out as a brutal ruthless killer when they have access to a gun. It is a form of possession of an energy that resonates with the same kind of ruthlessness as someone who is a professional killer.It resonates with the frustration of the child at the time.

The thing about this energy is that it is not embedded in the present shooter. Because it is not based on their experiences in this life.. So there are no engrams or habitual memories to anchor this behavior of acting out like a cold killer. It is like a cloud of energy that hovers around them. The psychic energy creates an impulse in them that would not otherwise be accessed if they weren’t privy to a gun.

It is a cloud of energy and not entrenched into the shooters energy field.Because of this, when someone is shooting, they are removed from their humanity and personal relationship with the targets. They are overtaken by the psychic energy around a gun. Also, they so desperately want to be liked and valued that they have been induced into a hypnotic state of primal killing.

If there is a child that is prone to feeling isolated, the more removed they are from their identity as a student, the farther it will entrench them in the killing frenzy. If the school can identify with isolated children and figure out ways to include them, that would dissipate the psychic energy somewhat that drives the killing spree.

Children need to be more aware of their classmates that isolate and become more sensitive to the power of their interactions of kindness. Those children that isolate should be assimilated into group interactions. They desperately want to belong. It is as simple as teaching children to embrace those who are different with kindness and compassion.

All through school I had no friends. I was desperate to be included. I was numb from the trauma and abuse at home. I had longed to take a teacher aside and ask them what was wrong with me. I was desperate to belong and be normal. But I was paralyzed in my silence. At home they thought I was fine. They assumed I had friends. They assumed I was normal. But I was not. I obsessed at how to gain friends. But I was isolated the older that I got. Other social skills that children learned when younger were lost on me. The anguish is unsettling to relive years later.

All it would have taken was some encouragement and inclusion. It would have changed my world. I know there are so many children that live with this anguish every day. All it would have taken to ease my pain is if someone would have talked to me. If someone called me by name. If someone was nice to me.

If a child is pushed to the wall in their isolation, and has access to guns, it is possible that they will start shooting at their classmates just to be seen.. But at that point, the psychic energy has taken them over and swept them up in a cloud. A brave thing for people to do around them is to NOT react in fear. I know this seems impossible but if one life can be saved by mentioning it, then it is worth it.

if the atmosphere does not react to the shooter, the less the shooter is swept along in the cloud of psychic energy. If those that are being shot at, can call the shooter by name, if they have the capability to talk to him, they can reattach the child with his humanity. Yes, this is an impossible thing to suggest. But it is something that could save some lives at the time. Anything the people around the shooter can do to reattach the shooter to his humanity, the better chance they have of dissipating that psychic energy and perhaps save some lives.

It is awful that we as a society have come to the point of coaching the targets of a shooting how to not be killed. But without doing anything to get the guns out of troubled teens lives, it may be the only thing that can save lives.

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