Have you ever heard the expression “Use it or Lose it”? This expression is true in our personal empowerment too. You can see if you follow politics how factions want you to be ignorant so that you are easier to stay contained in their position. This is human nature showing itself to us.

Those in power who are abusing power are indeed living their purpose. Unfortunately their purpose is not to lead with integrity and valor. Their purpose is to show us all exactly how entrenched the political system is in controlling the narrative. They are showing us how off the world feels when so few are living empowered.

We are being given a blatant view of how biased and unethical so many people in political office are. We are being shown how distorted and skewed the human body looks when the light force inside is twisted and mangled by lies and deceit. If one looks at all things as energy in different vibrations, they will be able to discern lies and manipulation in real time. Look at the politicians you know as liars. Look through the illusion of their outer facade of comeliness that helped them get elected. Now see the ugly carbuncles of distortion that makes their features show up crooked to the eye. This is seeing them in energy. This is you, using your discerning abilities.

Your job as a human seems to be to work hard and attain things of comfort and to impress as many people as you can along the way. Your job as an empowered energy being in human form is to perpetually outflow. Outflow happens through giving your gifts, using your talents, showing love and kindness, and uplifting as much of life as possible.

Out flowing is a means to being empowered. Being kind, and conscious is a means of demonstrating your empowerment before you even have an understanding of what you are capable of achieving. The current political climate is a means to highlight how awful it is to feel helpless. Yet we still have enough wiggle room to take the reins of our own empowerment to benefit and uplift all of humanity.

What you do and how you choose to spend your days, matters. You matter. You are a cog in the wheel of life. The more you demonstrate your empowerment by dusting off your gifts and giving, in any way that brings you joy; a song, a truth or an act of kindness; the more you empower all of humanity to outflow as well. We are then demonstrating the strength that emulates the purity of a rushing river. It is more inspirational than mimicking a still pool of stagnation.

As you practice the most simplest form of truth, being true to yourself, the more you empower all others to walk in, speak and see truth as well. The more we all gain strength, courage and empowerment along the journey.

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