Maybe the basic ideology as a whole is partly to blame for all the issues that are affecting our society these days. In the good old days, moral fiber was held in place by our fear of God. But as we evolve as a species, it seems that many of us can’t fathom God as having anything but Loving attributes. As a result, the fear of God has lost some of it’s effectiveness in helping us maintain our moral fiber.

What can be an effective motivator to regulate human behavior if not fear? Maybe if society adopted a slightly different belief system, it would change out of pure selfishness.

What if the western world embraced the concept of reincarnation? Maybe some of the societal issues would dry up of their own accord. If western society accepted reincarnation as a basic truth, here are some changes that may lighten the burden on society:

  • The environment would be treated with much more reverence. Only the most greedy and selfish would not take heed of the conditions they were creating for themselves to be born back into in the future.
  • War would become viewed as redundant exercise in futility that it actually is. We as a group, remembering the whole experience of war, would not be eager to participate.
  • Children would be respected as separate entities aside from their relationship with us. We could respect and nurture their talents that they have brought through from another lifetime and stop feeling the need to take credit for their brilliance. They would be freed of the glass ceiling of genetic propensity.
  • There would be a better grasp of why there are different dynamics in families. It would be common knowledge why some members are loved and respect while others are treated with disdain. The “disdained” could stop feeling innately flawed and accept their current dynamics as a learning experience.
  • “Love at first sight” would make sense. There would be an understanding of why we are drawn to strangers as if we have known them forever. In this way we would accept an open heartedness within us, and others, a little better.
  • The gut instinct would become a valid gauge when meeting others and when experiencing new places and situations.
  • Sexual orientation would be deemed as irrelevant. It would come to merely reflect which body that each individual feels more comfortable wearing. Certainly a woman who has been repeatedly defiled may feel more comfortable having her future experiences, in a male body.
  • A woman’s choice to be a vessel for someone to pass through to this world would be hers alone; based on what experiences she needed for her personal growth. Since life is a continuation; each Soul will find its way by divine order. It is not the concern of humans to govern God’s affairs.
  • We would be less judgmental as a whole; realizing that we are all here to gain experiences and that there is not a final count but a continuation of lessons. We would realize that even the most treacherous of experiences are a stepping stone to Love and Compassion.
  • If people embraced the concept of having lived before, they may come to terms with many of the fears they are laden with as unfinished business on the road to enlightenment. They may come to understand that the physical pain they feel in this body may be a reminder of a lesson from the past that needs only to be acknowledged and released. In this sense, the individual would be their own healer.

The thought of reincarnation may be a scary taboo to many. That is perfectly in accord with their needs and requirements for spiritual lessons. But in general too many struggle with unanswered questions and suffer in a feeling of disconnectedness with their present situation. Maybe for them, the concept can bring some comfort.

In our compassion for those who struggle, maybe we should allow them whatever belief system they adopt to make sense of this world. Perhaps doing so would strengthen humanity. Because tolerance to those who govern themselves with a different moral compass from our own, may create a healthier environment based on acceptance. Maybe as a by product, we can all live richer lives devoid of shame and imbued with Love.

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