Most of the time, what people are doing in energy, is not what they believe they are doing in their daily life.

There is a HUGE disconnect.
Many times, when someone is giving sympathy, they are diminishing the other person.
When they talk about how horrible something is, they are inflicting a little bit of horror themselves.
When some watch terrible accidents, they are secretly are enjoying it.
When someone delivers bad news, they are secretly proud that they are the ones that are in that position.
When someone gossips about another and says how bad they feel, it is an assault against that person.
When someone says they deserve something, they believe they are entitled.
When someone compliments another, they are secretly jealous.
When someone is very free with praise, on some level they feel unworthy and are compensating.
When some people are over friendly, they are manipulative.
Many people who seem very intelligent, are stuck in the mind and don’t really think for themselves but rely on second hand information
If someone says they are doing the work, many times they are in denial and pushing away the help.

It is good if one learns to look past words and actions and notice how they don’t align energetically with how the person tries to show up. It isn’t about calling anyone out because they truly believe in the facade that they are invested in.

Personally I find the most dynamic, genuine people are the ones who have been smashed apart on the shores of life and so recognize their own worth. It you truly want to see brilliance, look in the eyes of those you would usually overlook. That is where greatness is closer to the surface.

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