My job as a human is simply to Be
Convert every experience, in relationship to me.
I’m every windfall, I’m every dream
I’m every ocean, I’m every stream
I’m every adventure that could possibly happen to man
I give life with my intention. I do what I can.

I know that this potential shrinks when I fear
It goes totally dormant when I show I don’t care.
It allows others who show, a little spark of appeal
To take potential from all. They cheat, lie and steal.

So instead of being everything that floats on the breeze
I become the apocalypse, I become the disease
I stand on the sidelines, roped in by the fear
Too proud to speak, or show that I care

I give away my power to all who walk by
The dictates of society mandate, I suffer inside
War, depression, and disease have become the norm
Cannabis and Xanax – the only port in the storm.

People are tired and broken, and worn down to the soul
Merely to be loved, happy and free, is their most humble goal
It can happen if every embodiment of man
Steps up to the plate, and says that I Can

I can imagine my potential, I’ll give it a try
I will show kindness to all, without questioning why
I can express wonderment, and speak it out loud
Declare my intention, send it off in the cloud

I can withdraw my involvement in the destruction of man
I am doing it now. By saying I can
I can return to my original heartfelt desire
To live with integrity, contribute and inspire

I can return to the wonderment happening within me.
I am every potential, I’m every tree.
Also being inspiring, seems valid to do
I encourage YOUR greatness. You are everything too.

Empower yourself! Give you a hand.
Bestow every kindness on you, you possibly can
When you give love to you, it’s bestowed upon me
We are all in it together, Joyful, Loving and free.

We are the windfall happening to man
In this very moment by embracing, We can

Jen Ward 10/2/14

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