It is difficult to walk into a pet store and see bowls of sad little betas that are despondent and asleep. I am always compelled to take one of them home and use it as a surrogate to love all the fish stuck in loveless bowls in pets stores across the board. I even use it as a surrogate to send love out to all the sea life all over the word. Everything we do is an opportunity to stretch our capacity to love. Agreeing to have a fish roommate is no different. It then becomes a responsibility to provide the best care that my little beta can have ( since I don’t have access to simply give set him free).

What people still don’t realize is that other species communicate with each other readily. So there is a way to provide a lot of comfort to you fish by adding plant life to the bowl. There are different plants that thrive well in a bowl. The bamboo is great because it provides some interesting space for your fish to feel secure. Living plants also provide company. Also, why not get some interesting crystals and rocks for the bottom of the bowl. They have life force too and will add their great energy to the quality of life to your fish.

A music box is essential in communicating with your fish. Play it every time you interact with them so that they can know it is for them. Talk to them often. I feed my fish micro meals so I can interact with him more than once a day. I lick my finger and stick it in the fish flakes food and then poke it under the surface of the water. I wait for my Cooper to come take the food off my finger. It is like receiving Little fish kisses. I do this when I open the curtains in the morning, when I come home with packages and everyone in the house is excited about me coming home, I feel his excitement too and include him. I end the night with saying good night to him and am always touched when he waits up for me.

When he wiggles at the sight of me he is happy to see me. And he also moves his mouth open to communicate with me. I mimic him and hope I am sending him a good message. He knows he is a part of a larger community than just his bowl and hopefully he is enjoying his life. He has snails in his bowl and they have multiplied. So I never dump out his bowl. That would cause him stress. I use a turkey baster to pump out stale water and they replace it with filtered fresh water.

By giving him attention, and honoring him, I honor all fellow beings and I nurture myself. It is a beautiful complete circle of love.

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