Say they are not healers.

Make a point of saying, “them of themselves do nothing” that they were merely facilitating.

Reference others as experts; usually someone from a male slanted point of view.  

Defer to teachings from a male slanted point of view.

Point out that they are not sufficiently trained.

Give credit to God or an invisible Source.

Give credit to another source outside themselves.

Induce fear in the client in some way.

Prophesies a negative outcome.

Are afraid of taking on Karma.

Talk about themselves in the session.

Put  themselves on an equal footing as the client.

Make the session about them in even any small way.

Diminish themselves in their delivery.

Rely on one modality.

Do not listen to their inner compass.

Belittle the assistance that they are giving.

Make assumptions that are not necessarily true.

Indulge in Fear in any way.


The interesting thing is that anyone is a healer who accepts themselves as a healer, no matter what they do to uplift another being. Even a small child is a healer if they can smile and uplift another with their presence. But also in the expansion of their imagination. If you get enough children to rally around the same pure intention, they could manifest it easily. That is why it is important to allow your child the strength of their imagination without weighing it down with the cynicism of adulthood. Allow your child to be as altruistic as possible and teach them to nurture their intention with action and passion. In this way, you will be an amazing healer as a parent or possibly a teacher.  Anyone is a dynamic healer; no matter their profession; if they:

Accept themselves as healers and as such, hold themselves accountable for everything they think, say, and do; in reference to uplifting others.

Forgo false humility that causes them to squelch their own empowerment in deference to another. This is conditioning from the past. We are all capable of being dynamic starbursts and are capable of tapping into the same truth that directs the very function of the stars in alignment with the planets. It does nothing special to dilute truth by insisting it come through another person. This is a means of refusing to take responsibility for your dynamo just in case the responsibility of that is too overwhelming. We all run the Universe with our thoughts, deeds and actions. It is merely a form of accountability to realize this and act from that dynamic stance.

Forgo giving credit to a more established source. This is merely a way to discredit yourself and state that you are not capable of doing dynamic things of your own accord. This is not so.

Accept that there has been an upgrade in consciousness that makes anything that others have learned in the past as obsolete because it was taken from a male slanted point of view. A male slanted society is based on a half lie because truth is not complete without factoring the truth of female empowerment as well as male empowerment. Most teachings are obsolete because of this factor. Anyone who is tapping into direct knowingness, their own vortex, their innate wisdom  or the highest truth, will realize this. 

Accept that they are put in the position to assist whoever is presented to them and that  they are being used as service wherever they are and with what ever abilities they have.

Accept that they are instruments of the divine and forgo pointing out to anyone who will listen that they are not worthy. Doing this is also announcing to the Universe and themselves that they are unworthy or not qualified and putting a glass ceiling on themselves.

Relinquish the compulsion or conditioning to induce fear in some way by predicting a negative outcome in any way. This is a violation of spiritual law and putting a glass ceiling on whomever you are assisting. True healers realize this and will never indulge in it.

Forgoes the fear of taking on karma. Taking on karma is an outdated position in healing circles. When one does dynamic healing, they are not a physical body, they are a dynamic fluid energy and as such, can not take on karma because they are not a vessel at all but a force. karma or stagnant energy will be dissipate at the instance of its release. There is no cup to contain it. This updated outlook is a version of how love always provides a more expansiveness means than fear.

Realizes that when they are being of assistance, they they are to maintain a stance slightly higher than who they are assisting by not making the exchange about them in any small way. This keeps them above reproach in having energy only flow in one direction; outward to dissipate. 

Forgo stating how flawed or inexperienced they are. This is not indicative to healing. It is merely formulating that they are NOT a dynamic force for healing but merely a flawed human. One must get past the obvious obstacles to healing to tap into the eternal force that we all harness when we get past the ego. The ego works just as hard with the ploy of unworthiness as it does with arrogance.

Realize that it is important to just allow the client or the person who is being helped to drain out the energy that needs to be released without mixing any aspect of themselves into that energy.

Realize that unworthiness is merely an excuse to not stand up to one’s potential in being the dynamic healer that they are.

Use every means available to uplift those who need uplifting. Someone who is caring will have a passion to try any means to uplift others without the need to stick to a narrow script

A healer knows that healing comes through inner channels and will listen to the prompting from their innate wisdom that comes through the nudges and gut feelings that they experience. These gut feelings are actually ganglions of senses in the body where truth registers as a physicality.

Realizes when they diminish themselves, they are actually refuting the reverence of the responsibility that they have been given in the moment.

Know that the Universe is bigger than any fact base assumption that can be made made by the limited human mind. Miracles would be more readily available if they were not refuted on all sides by limited humans. It is interesting that the same mind stuff that makes miracles is the same means for diminishing them at every turn. Therefore preventing them from manifesting.

Love is the opposite of fear. Anyone who refutes fear by all means is one who uses love as a shield of perpetual protection. Fear is like the darkness that is dissipated as the light is switched on. Keeping always in the stance of love prevents fear and its hooks from ever taking hold. Those that induce fear can be rendered helpless if only the caliber of the love is strong enough.

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