The Bible got it backwards. God didn’t make man in his image. Man made God in his image. That is evident in anyone who still believes that God needs to be worshiped, placated, adorned or stroked in any way. That is how limited man was, to conceive of God many, many years ago before the experiences of existing tempered our DNA.

Think about the wisest people that we have as examples of goodness; Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Theresa. They seem somewhat closer to God than others and yet they did not exude the attributes that some still attribute to God. They were kind, benevolent, resilient and focused on living their purpose. These are the attributes of God.

Those who seem most adamant on defending God to others veer away from the attributes of God in that very necessity. Those who judge, belittle or are self-righteous about God are not exhibiting attributes of God, but those who have been the power mongers through human history. God never displayed such arrogance or lack of kindness. It has always been the power mongers. We now have the awareness, ability and courage to recognize the difference.

All books have been written by man. They are not as much a mandate for God but a mandate for man’s law in accordance with God. At best, they are a portal to connect to that inner communion with the sanctity of the omnipotent. At worst, they are a decree to diminish the worth of all souls who aren’t in agreement with man’s depiction of God’s intent. This in itself is unworthy of God.

The Epiphany

There is the belief that over taxing the rich is so unfair. I have not challenged it in myself. True, the plethora of poverty, need, illness and inequality in social standing is unfair. But is it fair to put that on the wealthy. In my mind it has been an unequivocal...

Empowerment and Peace

I send a quiet thank you up to the sky and feel like I am a watching bystanders in the wonders of this world. But then I realize that the connection to Source isn't gained through wishing from afar. I finally understand that my very essence is the gateway to the...

Outgrowing The Family Business

If you were born into a family of bricklayers, there is a greater chance that you will grow up and be a bricklayer yourself. If you had two teachers for parents, it is more likely you would grow up to teach yourself. The same is true with any profession, be it public...

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