I just woke up from a dream and it was very strange. It was about a man and a woman waiting to get the woman an abortion. They had tried in their country but the procedure took four hours and it left her crippled. She was in a wheelchair. The Father, mother and children, were held in a waiting station to get the procedure done. The problem was that they needed someone who was male to sponsor the women to get the abortion.

I was running around trying to help this family. I looked for a friend of mine who is a strong male but I needed to get his attention by attracting him as a potential love interest to get him to help me. Then I talked to the head of the waiting station. He was very matter of fact at how desperate these people were to get help. To show me, he put the husband in a glass room for me to see. He kept blowing the man up again and again and really damaging him. The man still wanted to help his wife. He became more and more broken but still held the determination to help his wife.


The family was from the other side of the world (places where men have all the say – in other countries where male energy is totally dominant (dreams aren’t politically correct) 

The woman seeking an abortion (female energy wanted to break the cycle of being used to perpetuate an imbalance)

The abortion (breaking the cycle of being used by men)

The woman being in a wheelchair (how female energy is at a disadvantage and crippled from having freedom)

The man who was helping his wife  (How men have access to their female energy as well) 

The husband desperate to get his wife the abortion (depicting that his desire to be balanced in male and female energy was strong as well)

The woman being in a wheelchair showed how crippled female energy is at the hands of male dominance.

The waiting room (immigrants who are forced out of their home by male dominance which causes war and destruction)

Looking for the male friend to help (using sexuality to illicit the help of male dominance to help women)  

The Doctor in authority (showing male dominance is still the norm even though we are led to believe we are so advanced)

The Glass box (wars created as tactical maneuvers by men in power)

The Doctor showing me how the husband subjected himself to be blown up (how ruthless and cruel male dominance is)

They had children that were in the background. One was a teenage daughter. (showing how female empowerment is reaching maturation but still invisible to male dominance) 

There was also a small part of the dream where I looked down at my sneakers. They were really worn, dirty and had holes in them. The shoelaces were all tangled. I immersed myself in untangling my shoelaces (working on myself)

When I awoke, I got an e-mail saying how my website is being untangled.


Me untangling my own shoes ( showing how important it is to work on ones self to make a change in the world)

The shoes being so battered. ( What I have gone through personally to get to this point of helping the world)

My website being untangled. ( my website is a tool for people to empower themselves all over the world. Individuals doing the taps I share are them untangling their own shoes and the shoes of the world.

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