Anger is stagnant energy that has built up and wants a quick release. It is a loaded gun. The thought or intention is the target and the emotion or the passion behind it is pulling the trigger. A wise person will unclip their weapon. There is never a time to wield it. A wise person knows how to dissipate the energy within themselves. It can be done as simply as knowing energy needs to dissipate and opening an imaginary door for release.

There is never a time to react in anger. This creates an ignorant warlike state that continues to escalate until there is no civility. A rule of thumb is: when you are feeling reactionary, wait before addressing any issue. A way to address any issue is to tune into yourself continuously and ask yourself, “How would Love handle this?” “What would love to do?” When you are certain you are acting from a place of love in a win – win scenario, then it is time to act. For those of you asking, “What about self-love or duty to self?” Self-love is achieved when love is allowed to continue to flow. There is a huge difference between self-love and ego satisfaction.

Thanks for being better than your impulses!

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